Monument Valley 2: The story continues

Monument Valley 2 is the sequel to the much appreciated Monument Valley released in 2014. Both games are indie puzzle games developed by Ustwo Game and they charm us with puzzling geometry and good music. While most of the graphic elements were kept, there is no connection between the story lines in the two versions. This means you don’t have to play the first in order to understand the second.

Like the first version, Monument Valley 2 introduces its players to a surreal world where nothing is what it seems and you need to exercise your brain quite hard in order to find the solution. To do so, you have to rotate and manipulate objects in order to allow your main characters to move on.

Monument Valley 2

The story

In Monument Valley 2 we have the story of Ro and her unnamed daughter who are navigating through a maze of passageways, castles, paths, and so on in order to reach their final destination. Some even found a deeper meaning to the game saying that it depicts the story of motherhood and how the two characters evolve and take separate ways as time goes by.

The world you see is presented from a top-down isometric view ad creates impossible illusions that are difficult to understand from the first view. It’s actually a way of showing you that not everything is what it seems to be. You have to navigate through impossible objects which take a different shape as you change the perspective. To do so, you have to either tap on the screen to move objects or to flip the screen to see everything differently.

The story is interesting and the graphic elements are extremely challenging even for an experienced user.

The Gameplay

Sadly, Ustwo only released both games for iOS users, which is a bit unfair considering the number of Android users who would love to try it. Still, even so, both versions of Monument Valley are extremely popular and caught the attention of important publications. Even more, Monument Valley 2 was mentioned in House of Cards, which is a pretty big deal if you ask us.

The main goal is to lead Ro and her daughter to the correct path and find the solution the takes them to the end of the game. Structured on several levels, each more difficult than the inferior one, Monument Valley 2 is definitely not for the weak of heart. There is no sudden action, no adrenaline rush, and no battleground. It’s nothing more than a puzzle game that challenges users to become better at perceiving different worlds outside their imagination boundaries.

However, you should know that the puzzles are not as difficult as you might imagine. Yes, you have to train your brain to recognize impossible designs, but once you do, the game won’t seem so difficult. We would place Monument Valley 2 at a medium difficulty level. It is still a fantastic way to deliver gorgeous art to the masses and it creates a wonderful experience for the player.

So, if you want a game that will completely shatter your perspective on the world, Monument Valley 2 is the one. This game will teach you that nothing is set in stone and that, in the right perspective, anything can be different. While the puzzles are not sweating hard, the game as a whole is a masterpiece. It can be played by parents and children alike and it inspires noble feelings, without any frustration or violence. We loved it and we recommend anyone to give it a try!